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UV Reporter is an informational website and newsletter produced by Beard Group, Inc., a law and business publisher founded in 1986.

The world’s largest law firms, financial professionals, risk managers and business consultants subscribe to our newsletter titles that include Troubled Company ReporterClass Action ReporterTroubled Company ProspectorBankruptcy Prospector and Turnarounds & Workouts.

We publish more than 300 business, law and finance books, all of which are available at or through your favorite book retailer.

We produce Webinars and Podcasts serving the corporate restructuring and complex litigation markets and host the annual Distressed Investing Conference and Class Action Money & Ethics Conference in Midtown Manhattan, and we invite you to join us.

Our latest endeavor is this UV Reporter which publishes the latest happenings in the rapidly expanding UV disinfection and sanitation marketplace with a focus on business and legal related news pertaining to UV light.

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We hope you enjoy our content.